You know you are Greek when...
a.. can distinguish between kefalotiri and kefalograviera
b.. you can spell kefalograviera
c.. are an adult and are forced to be with your family at 12 midnight on new years eve
d.. your grandmother/mother/aunt has a miracle cure for everything
e.. your mother or father still feels the need to tell you, "katse kala" in public
f.. you have ever been hit with a pandofla
g.. can dance kalamatiano, tsamiko, zeibekiko without music
h.. at every point in your life were not talking to at least one family member
i.. you must name your children after your in-laws
j.. you have at least 5 Maria's and 9 Dimitri's in your family as a result of the above
k.. you have ever heard the phrase, "Sto leo yia to kalo sou"
l.. you have a bottle of OUZO in your house right now
m.. know what a komboloi is
n.. know how to work a komboloi
o.. you have been threatened to be eaten by the baboola/yero/pontiki when you were little
p.. someone in your family owns any type of restaurant
q.. your family inheritance includes olive trees
r.. you can't understand why McDonald's rejected your idea for the McFeta" sandwich
s.. your entire house is a needlepoint warehouse
For... explanations to greek words... ask me ;-)