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This is Pol with his red Touratech-equipped R1100GS...

On June 30, 2003, me and Pol are leaving home, for a nice meeting with the other Europrezzes.
We plan to board on a ferry at Patra, on Monday 30/6, at around 18.00 pm, and disembark at Ancona Tuesday July 1, at around noon. On the way north, heading to Trento, where we will spend the night, we plan a quick visit to San Marino, then continue on...

Wednesday we will either do Stelvio, or will visit Market 2Ruote in Castelfranco Veneto for some... shopping!

Thursday July 3, will be a long riding day, since we will have practically to ride all through Switzerland from east to west, then into France to Mulhouse, and another 100 or so km's to Rouge Gazon.

While me and Pol will ride each alone on our BMW R1100GS's, my wife Ophelia will join us on Friday sometime. She will fly to Zurich, then will catch a train to Mulhouse, where I will wait for her, and ride with her the last 40-50 km to Rouge Gazon.

She will fly back on Monday morning, while we will leave too, heading south, hopefully doing the four passes in Switzerland, Susten, Furka, San Gottard and Oberalp, on the way to Italy.

We will have one more riding day, Tuesday, to ride south to Ancona, where we will catch the evening ferry to Greece, at around 19 pm...

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