Just for the fun of it, since June 22, 2003:

Hearing all the fuss with the small mod's and running the bike on the dyno, Sascha was quite keen to let me try the very exhaust he uses (almost) every weekend to terrorize wildlife on French mountains!

It's a nice looking exhaust, and to my eyes it looks more likely that it's a custom made model, and not anything coming off the production line...

It all came in a nice small (really) and light (unbelievably so) box, wrapped in bubbles and consists of an S-bend section that runs under the engine (leaving a LOT of space empty, whereas the old one has the first muffler there!)

The final pipe was at first empty of any material, thus having a very metallic-like sound. However, I bought a bag of Silent Sport material and stuffed it inside, after first having my local body-shop tech spot-weld with his TIG machine the inside baffle. After this, the bike sounds a lot more bass, and not metallic at all, while at the same time our dead people need not worrying for being awakened anymore! It is WAY quieter. I didnt even have any conflicts with the local police!

Despite the looks, it was really easy to put it on, as well replacing it again with the original exhaust, now that I'm getting ready for EP8 in a few days (just 9 days left!)

Judging by the size alone, will give you a good indication of their weight even...

Now, see the numbers? The stock exhaust weighed in at 10.2 kilos while Sascha's exhaust is a mere 2.8 kilos! No wonder why the box Sascha sent me was so... light?!!!!

Finally, if you wish what this exhaust sounds like, go to this page!
Sascha sent me an mpg file that is worth listening!
By the way I weighed the BMW crash-bars, since I removed them to have easier access to the oil filter. They weigh a nice 3.3 kilos!!!!!! And I was wondering why this bike is heavy!!! ha!

After coming back from EP8, I will have the exhaust reinstalled and the bike dyno'ed just to see what it would add or whatever to my (now) 78.9HP!!!! Stay tuned here...