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We bought a Krauser K5 topcase from the local Motopark importers.

The installation of its base was quicker done than being described!


Actually, you undo the two allen screws holding the grabrail, and then just screw the 8 supplied allen screws that hold the thing together. Take care not to mix the washers.
In true German tradition the base is of very good quality and HEAVY as every German metal is! Mercy!
It does make sense now that Krauser suggests only 5 kg of weight in the topcase.
The bike can hold 10kg on its rear rack, according to BMW.
The metal base is 3kg, the case is another 2kg, then what's left to load it?!!!!!!

It is in the 46liter category and it can accomodate two fullface helmets easily. I already tried my Arai and Mrs Ophelia's Lazer and they fit nicely.


What bothers me however is the visual effect of the bike, when seen from the side. It makes it look and feel a lot longer than really is! We shall see on the road!

And as my friend Spyros noted in his email, when I notified him of this page, the total luggage capacity of the Bimmer might outdo that of my own Punto GT... However, here's some simple math:
Punto GT            :270
BMW left saddle bag : 25
BMW right saddle bag: 31
BMW bagster tankbag : 30
BMW Krauser topcase : 46
(All numbers are liters)
Still missing a few! Maybe I should try the Touratech aluminum side cases if they would match the Punto's capacity?! Oh well... forget it!!!!!
This is how the Reflective decals show on my friend's Stayros R1100RT cases.

Update March 15, 2004: The K5 lock broke!