Dec 17, 2002.

I first saw these reflective decals on Caratz's and Zozzo's bikes, back in our trip to the French Alps in the summer of 2000.

I thought of this concept as a very very safe one. So, I did a little late night search on the net for "reflective decals for BMW's" and this site came out: Applied Graphics' own . (clicking here, will open a new window, in case you have any popup killers running!).

I ordered a set for my BMW and it arrived in a week. Reflective Decals are located in the USA and I live in Greece, so the waiting time was really little.

So here is my bike with them on, on tonight's rainy environment, at about 2 am in the morning! Hey, everyone knows I'm a nightowl, alright!


In daytime or with no light reflected on the stickers, they are just invisible, or at least barely noticeable. What's more amazing is how they are reflecting even from a side angle. this is what I call safety in riding (among other things, of course!) Thanks guys! A really brilliant idea!


this is how it should reflect at night...