Adding a dual USB port and a voltmeter

Just browsing around at a local electronics shop, I happened upon this thing:


Good price and I already knew how to connect it!

Just one bolt and the tank goes to the back. No need to remove it completely...

I found a wire here at a connector and mounted a "thief" (the one on the right). The other one on the left is for the Garmin GPS power. It works only with the key in the starting position.

Mounting it on the left side of the handlebar was a 2-minute job really.
I tidied the cable with zipties alongside the bike's existing wiring.

Testing... It shows alternatively 5.0V (obviously for the USB ports), and 12 or so volts for the bike's voltage.

If you don't want to see it all the time, especially at night it may be tiring, you switch it off...

When covered it shows quite clearly, despite the photo here...

Showing alternating voltages.

All set! And yes, it does charge a smartphone!