April 21,2002: A long overdue repacking of the exhaust silencer of the KTM.

This is what we found when we dismantled the silencer. The original packing was about 5 kilos (!) heavy, due to water, oil and gasoline deposits. Water has come in due to washing, and I'd never closed the rear end of the silencer with some sort of "cork". Oil is quite normal, however, since its a two stroke, right?! As for gasoline, it was there because of the first 500km's or so, when the carb was overly rich, and unburned gasoline passed through the exhaust.

I cleaned everything in sight with WD40 and gasoline, then wiped it dry.

We added "Silent Sport" packing material, which came at a cost of E6 per packing, while the original blanket-type of KTM has an asking price of about E15 per packing! Alas, Jeremy McGrath uses the SilentSport packing, so... we did too!