It sure needs some TLC here and now. However, after some real fast and hard 165.47 km's it was a good test to see where and what would weep and cry on the little KTM!
So, here we go:

The master cylinder of the front brake. It sure wept just a bit.

The oil pump. Nothing serious, again.

The water pump. Completely tight. Good!

The crankcase breather. Good, too.

The exhaust to cylinder joint. Almost tight.

The underside of the engine. Notning *serious* to write home about.

Dried mud from that riverbed, and lots lots of dust.

The clutch. Perfect.

Chain and rear sprocket. Too dry. Of course.

The clutch master cylinder. Tight too.

The actual distance traveled yesterday: 165.47 km's, which took me 3hrs 41min 14sec to do! 95 of these were the trail ride, and the rest was the return thru asphalt to the trailer. On the return I recorded the max speed seen below, not that I went real slower on the flat wide fireroads!!!!

Max speed recorded on the right, at 124.0 km/h. Total odometer since we bought it, at 2473,24 km.
Here is what we did!!!