May 19.
An original BMW part centerstand was fitted.
It looks good, made the bike about 2kg HEAVIER and it does a damn good job on holding it upright!

What is quite funny is the fact that while the bike has everything prepared for the centerstand, it came without one! Looks like during the first two years of production the centerstand was only an option, while it became a standard fit accessory, from year 1995, forward. So... I paid dearly for it!

Even though I went to my local BMW service, at Antonis Panagiotopoulos, to have it fitted, the stand comes with all needed hardware and complete instructions, (in all European languages, including Greek!) so anyone with decent tools can fit it in about 20-30 minutes.
Today we also got some Miles&Miles nylon saddlebags.

Dimensions of each bag is 41 x 32 x 23 cm which means they can contain (as tested, hehe) a double-bed sized thick blanket each, easily!

There's a good thing: Inside each bag there's a nylon bag attached, which can contain my stuff and keep them waterproof!
The bags are retained on the bike using three tough-looking nylon bands.
Got these from Motopark, at nearby Agia Paraskevi, and at a good discount too! ;-)

I had a friend fabricate this nice iron masterpiece... since when i test fitted the saddlebags, i noticed the left one would melt in no time, on the exhaust!

Now that the equipment is almost all done, I intend to load the bike to the brim and do a little travelling in Greece... say for a weekend only... just to check how it handles with all those extra weights, as well as how the heck can I HANDLE this elephant of a bike! haha!
Three candidate destinations... one mountainous to Karpenissi, (about 300km), another to Meteora, not so much mountainous (about 450km) and the third is Thessaloniki (550km of STRAIGHT high speed motorways).
Report coming in the next few days... Maybe the 3rd weekend of June 2000... we will see!