GIVI on the left, Powerbronze on the right... notice the height difference

A GIVI high screen was installed, on June 5, 2000. This one will protect the silly face of me on the super duper high speeds the Bimmer will generate! ha!
the view from behind the screen... at dusk... (one pic was taken using the flash, the other without...)... shows that there is some glare coming from the dials. In a real evening ride however the mirroring of the dials is not that bad; You can actually see through the screen.
Update... July 15, 2000

Just a week ago I did a very small and very very quick ride about 100km north of Athens, and the travel included my new helmet, too. The very first impressions with the Givi and my earlier Shoei Task-5 helmet were a bit weird. If there was a side wind, I felt some "slaps" on the center of my forehead. These could be felt above 100km/h (about 60mph) and after a few minutes they would blur my vision. Quite sad. Two solutions on this: Either sit almost in the back seat, or lean forward so I could have my line of sight just below the top of the screen. Quite uncomfortable, both, bearing that my height is a normal 1,78m. (just below 6 ft).

A few days ago I bought a new Arai Quantum-F helmet, and I tried some motorway highspeeds again. The "slaps" were there, but in a very much reduced way.

So, the very next thing for me to do, was to dig out of my closet, the short Powerbronze screen, which was effectively about 10cm (4 in) lower than the Givi one. (see the top pics). With a SMALL difference: The Powerbronze screen has a small upward looking "lip" on its top, that seems to deflect most of the air away from my helmet. On my recent trip to Karpenissi which included quite a lot of fast motorway, with speeds ranging from 120-150 km/h (75-95mph), the Powerbronze, combined with the quietness of the new Arai, made the fast travel a lot easier. So, for the time being, the Powerbronze seems to be the screen of choice :)

One other small note from the Karpenissi trip... I removed the protective bars, and my feet felt a LOT less vibrations from the motor!!!!!!