The First bike... so far!

These two photos were taken in the summer of 1980.
The site is a Penteli MX practise track,
a few days before the first big fire burnt half the mountain...

1979 Suzuki ER50
This bike was bought used in December 1979... It was a March 1979 model, which had covered 14500 kms with its previous owner... In my hands it managed to do another 25000 kms in a year and a half, until it was sold in September 1981. In my possesion, I changed the final drive chain once with a "golden" no-name brand (!) and the rear tire with a "Something" with MX pattern! It's top speed was 70-72 km/h but it was enough for the crowded streets of Athens!

Next... was a 1981 KL250...
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