A Scratchbuilt Gilera 500 Saturno!

The most recent news from my Italian friend Manuele Villa is here!
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I send you eight pictures of the model of a gilera saturno 500 "bialbero", it is an 1/9 scale, entirely scratchbuilt, model !!, I have designed and built it, four years ago, on request of an italian collector (note his name,"sergio p.", on the sides of fairing,... he paid for this !!), it was a six month very hard work, i have designed the model entirely with autocad, from original photos and workshop manual, all the pieces were carved or lathed in pvc, plexiglass, brass or aluminium, or plasticard vacuformed (saddle, fuel tank and fairing). I think that it is the best model i ever built.

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Only the beams of the rings came from Protar Lawson's Yamaha 500 GP !!
Rings and tyres : pvc/aluminium (lathed)
Frame : brass tubes (welded)
Engine : polistyrene (stratified and carved)
Exhaust pipes/silencer : Evergreen tubes/aluminium (lathed)
Front/rear suspension : Evergreen tubes/steel wire
Handbar/commands : Evergreen tubes/rods
Disk brakes : plasticard
Mudguards : plasticard (vac-u-formed on wooden original)
Body and fairing : plasticard (vac-u-formed on wooden original)
Decals : printed (offset) in white on Tauromodel decal transparent film
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