Harley Davidson in 1/9 Scale

The following pics were received a few days ago from Mr. Manuele Villa, from Italy. The model is a Dirt-Track Harley Davidson motorcycle. The original kit was Esci's 1/9 scale '46 HD 750 WLA-Military version. It has been converted to the dirt-tracker by Mr. Villa. Here are two pics of the model, plus a small description of the conversion:
click on above images to view them larger, at about: 575X360 pixels, in .jpg format, sized about 40kb each

Here are the details:
Wheels with 0.3mm steel beams and no brake hubs.
Enlarged handlebar without brake lever.
Fuel tank without tachometer. 
Exhaust pipes without muffler.
Clutch foot lever.
Final transmission chain from Protar.
Rear mudguard with a little saddle.
New ignition system (a big magnet from a tractor) without battery.
Lightened frame.
Screws and bolts detailing.
Overall airbrush painting.

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