Moto Morini 250 GP racer

A new letter has arrived from my good friend, Manuele Villa... This time it read:

"I send you three pictures of the model of one of the most famous italian '60' racing motorcycles, the amazing Moto Morini 250 GP racer, the first kit that protar have produced, approximately thirty years ago !

Third picture depicts the original package, directly signed by mr. Provini with a black marker (!). Four years ago I found it casually, covered by dust and old toys, in a little toy shop in Rome, at the incredible price of 15000 lires (2500 drs)!

I know that some collectors have purchased it, in an antique toy shop, paying for it almost 500000 lires (80000 drs)!!"
Click on images to view larger .jpg files...

Wheels with lathed aluminium rings and brake hubs and 0.3mm steel beams.
Modified and detailed frame.
detailed engine.
(nuts, bolts, carburettor, double ignition system, etc.)
Handlebar, fork and rear sunspensions, entirely rebuilt by evergreen tubes, 
plasticard and steel wire.
Saddle entirely rebuilt.
Modified fairing and reservoir.

Overall airbrush painting.
Hand painted logos.
(original decals i found was too aged)

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