This is Real Racing!
My good Italian friend, Mr. Manuele Villa, is not known only for his models, but for his Racing carrier as well! Enjoy his REAL Ducati!

Dr.Jekill begin to change himself (and his motorcycle) in mr.Hyde !!!
Mr.Hyde's early trials (!) at "Vallelunga" (a circuit near Rome)
Mr.Hyde at first race (the colors weren't the final red/purple choice)
A friend of mine during trials using Mr.Hyde's motorcycle

In his own words:

I always loved Ducati, since I had a motorcycle !! There were four of them in my life:

The first one (1976) was a 350 Scrambler (really it was a 450RT !!, Desmo, with a 21" front wheel,hehe !!!), destroyed in a crash with a car (grrrr!!).

The second one (1983) was a magnificent 900 M.H.R. (the last series, red/white/green, with 2/1 not silenced exhaust by Conti and a bigger fiberglass fuel tank), which I sold after only a year .... by request of a woman (grrrr!!) and bought a Guzzi California (?).

After some months I felt in love again for another 900 Special (square engine, red/yellow fiberglass body) and bought it as my second motorcycle. I sold it when my father died...during 1986.

In 1987 I was a "single" and exchanged my Guzzi California with another Ducati. it was a wonderful 750 f1(1987). During 1988 I had some money savings to spend, then I decided to compete in Italian "Battle of the Twins" '89 championship and started to prepare and modify my motorcycle.... After many test and trials... and some accidents (fortunately not serious) I renounced... and bought a BMW R100RS!!

My BMW R100RS (nicknamed "Hilde")
at Parga, in '91
Me and Hilde at Varkiza, in '91
Hilde at Meteora camping in '91

Now I am married (since 1990) and sometimes,when I open the big box containing my old Dainese white/red racing suit and StilMartin bolted boots, I feel I have made the right choice...
What else can we add...
Just send a good feeling e-mail to Mr. Villa

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