Installing a ProtectaBaja skidplate and servicing the air filter

First... the damages!

There's a mark inside the gear cover! We're bashing too hard, it seems! Then, I had to replace the second dogbone, because it's a bit twisted. When I broke the first dogbone, gave me a pair of new HD ones. I used the first, now it's time for the second! But... we've learned our lesson! No gas when landing!

Next... the air filter!

After I removed the dirty airfilter and Outerwear, I installed the second pre-oiled filter that came with the kit.

What I took out from the car looked like this!

Cleaning the Outerwear was as simple as using the kitchen cleaner! (NO! I didn't do it in the kitchen!)

I had these products handy, since I use them currently on the foam TwinAir filter of my 2-stroke KTM 200 EXC.
I cleaned both foams in the small bucket, then washed them under the tap.

After squeezing them lightly, I left them dry overnight on the KTM seat, safe from kids' hands!

The "old" air filter, serviced and ready for use!
Next up was the ProtectaBaja skidplate... (proceed to the next page, please!)