DarkSoul Racing Axle Extenders

I just did a couple more mods to the Baja:

First it was the RTR clutch spring, which opens at 6000rpm, while the SS spring opens at 8000rpm. It's the least bling option, because a: it's hidden, b: it's black, while the SS spring is red!

Second mod of the day: The Dark Soul Racing Axle extenders. These give the Baja half an inch (12mm) wider stance each side. It's not only for making the Baja wider, but also reduce the tendency to roll in high traction situations and prevent the wheels from rubbing on chassis and suspension parts. These are the V2 extenders, which have been modified slightly, so that they eliminate any and all problems that may have surfaced on V1 extenders... I bought all of these at Dave's Motors.

Front extender. Installation is exactly the same as the originals. A slight improvement of the DS's is that they come tapped on the inside, so you can use the c-clip eliminator kit of your choice.

Spot the difference: Left wheel is without DS Axle Extender, right is with it.

Rear wheel extender. Again installation is like the originals with a slight difference: You use the supplied grub screws (loctited of course) and...

...inserting the retaining o-ring I found that it was best to use a small allen wrench to help it over the multiple hexes.

Without DS extender...

With DS extender installed.

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