Hostile Hobby A/T tires

After seeing the original and replacement HPI Dirt Buster soft compound rear tires shredded to pieces after just half a tank of fuel, it was time to do some reading at the Everyone suggested we try the Hostile Hobby range of tires. I ordered them from Dave's Motors in the USA and they arrived 5 days later!

I decided not to glue the foams to the wheels, but instead tape them with duct tape. I wrapped each foam twice.

Centering the foam/wheel combo over the wheel was very easy.

Due to the Hostile tires being of a hard compound, it was a bit hard to manupulate them by bare fingers, but eventually I managed to do it!

the Hostile A/T tires are very precisely moulded and they fit as well as the originals on the wheels! On the left pic above, you can see the correct way of placing the tabs on the wheel.
On the right pic some work needs to be done...


The finished wheels. You may notice that the inner beadlock is a bit "wavy". However it's normal I think, with plastics expanding a bit and it feels like it doesn't interfere with anything, once mounted on the car.