HPI Challenge Race. Oct. 12, 2008

Here's the video!

More pics can be found at:
The Modelteam forum
And a few from our own Team
The race... Hmmm... it went rather VERY well for our team! We finished third! But... first things first:

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Before the race, I thoroughly cleaned and serviced the car. In fact I removed the wheel, clutch and spur gear bearings, opened them all and regreased them with something slimy from Valvoline.
Then I realized I also own another 1/5th scale vehicle: The Ricky Honda CR250!
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So... on with the race. It started at around 3.30pm. I did the first stint, and drove for 30-32 minutes, before leting PP take over.
I was very afraid of this race, because all my life I had raced only 5 minutes races with electric models of all kinds in 1/10th scale. I was afraid I would lose my focus, my eyes would be dry, the sky would fall on my head etc etc... Then, while I was driving, I realised two things: First I was having a GREAT time! I was having fun! Then, at one time I tumbled the car after a jump, and took a look at the transmitter's timer: I was already driving for 25 minutes and didn't want it to end soon!
But then it was time for Pavlos to drive!
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