Some 1/5 scale tools for the Baja!

I ave a good friend who lives in the USA. Recently he visited me... Before coming he asked what sort of rc cars do I own?! I told him about the Baja, among others.

So... when he came here's what he presented me with:

A full set of tools for my rc scale models!

A set of Big Red's Miniature jaclstands.

A Big Red creeper
And a

...US General Minature racing jack!

So... What you can do with these?!

First of all you push the Racing Jack under the Baja.

Then you work the handle until it raises the car...

Next, you put the adjustable jackstands under the front a-arms...

After you lower the Racing Jack, the jackstands can hold the car away from the ground...

So... we have a creeper...

...and someone to do the dirty work!

Who wouldn't love to have RC as his personal rc mechanic?!!!

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