RC Bike Worlds 2011
Lostallo, Switzerland

My article in MOTO Magazine, as it appeared in issue 497, dated 02/2012!
A few links with my pics and videos:

All my pics: www.picasaweb.com/steliosh1
My blog-style report, by my friends at www.rcdevil.gr, day by day (in Greek):

The trip has started!

Wednesday 10.08.11

Thursday 11.08.11

Friday 12.08.11

Saturday 13.08.11

Sunday 14, and the return trip

This is the link to the official results. I was running in the stock class, and my finish order was 18th.

My videos!
Nitro Timed Practice:

Electric bikes Timed practice:

Walking in the pits and chatting with Ricou and Le Fa!

Opening Ceremony:

Stock Semi Final:

Superbike Semi Final:

Stock Bike A Final, Leg 1:

Superbike A Final, Leg 1:

Some fun during the Electric Finals:

Thoma Feilner's Dragster Speedrun!

Stock A Final, Leg 3:

Nitro Finals:

Superbike A Final, Leg 3:

The Closing Ceremony and Prizegiving:

My 1/4 Semi Final run! video by Richard (AKA Whitham69), who kindly let me upload in youtube:

My 1/4 Semifinal from HERTY:

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