My rear tire having been completely slick, I had to opt for a quick solution, while waiting for parts to arrive from abroad! (See the bashing pages!)

Our local HPI dealer was having a very good offer for HB 1/8 buggy tires: 8 euros for a pair, no inserts, no wheels! Exactly what I needed!

I stretched the buggy tire over the slick stock tire and it fit nicely. However, I realized it was dragging on the chain. So, I started removing material from the side, until I got it to this point. Now, the wheel turns freely.

Notice the clearance between tire and chain. Nice!

On the other side I left it alone. I just made sure the pins are running the center of the wheel. I applied a few drops of CA around the circumference, on both sides, between stock tire and HB tire.

To be continued at a local bashing place, soon!