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My Photos:

Free Practice Wednesday 04.08.10

Friday 06.08.10

Saturday 07.08.10

Sunday 08.08.10

Monday 09.08.10

Tuesday 10.08.10

My article, as it appeared in MOTO Magazine, Issue 477. (Article is in PDF format)

You can buy the issue at:


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If you wish to follow my progress, click on Stockbike, Series 2.

The RC Bike World 2010 Official Site:
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(Most of the videos presented here are not mine. They were shot from various people who were at the races. Also, many videos are in 720p or 1080p HD resolution, so it's worth opening them in a new window to enjoy them fully).

My KP09e before the Worlds...

Testing in the rain...

Stockbike Subfinal, Saturday

Concours and fireworks

Stock Qualifying. My bike is with No. 5...

RC Bike fun, supermotos

SBK A Final

Nitro Final

Prizegiving Ceremony

My KP09 at FRT, a month after the Worlds!

RC Bike Warm Up May 2010

All my Youtube RC Bike World 2010 videos can found here. I made 10 of them!!!