It's a 2005 model, 700cc, gasoline, one previous owner, full service history.

A Brabus front spoiler and rear wheelarch extension lips.

Among other things, it has Brabus 16-in wheels with 40-section Continental ContiSport2 tires. The Brabus airbox inlet was stolen a couple of weeks ago, so it's back to the original matte-black inlet!

There's a lowering kit, complete with aftermarket coilover shocks.

The car had 65500 km's on it. In fact the photo above was from the previous owner's ad! I think this is the Brabus' speedo, reading up to 200km/h?!

The engine is supposed to be producing 61HP from its turbocharged 698cc three cylinders, but it has an R-T Dynamics remap, good for a 67HP on the dyno. It also has an ITG air filter panel. I was given a dyno sheet, too!

And let's go to the interior...
(Photos in this page are by Fil, the previous owner!)