The week of August 12 to 18, 2000, this family went to Kerkyra (or Corfu) island! The island is located at the nortwest edge of Greece, and its on the way to Italy. Actually, all boats to/from Italy, will stop on the mainland port of Igoumenitsa, just 1 hour away from Corfu main port.

As the map shows, the total distance is 480km (or about 300miles). There are three ferry crossings involved. First is at Rio, near Patra, second is in Preveza, and the third is from Igoumenitsa to Corfu island.

On my way to Corfu, I happened upon a herd of sheep, right on the road, close to Preveza!

Since the family had already flown there, the previous day, I drove myself there, the whole 10 hours trip, safely, quickly and nicely!

One short stop, just a few km's before reaching Igoumenitsa.

First lunch at Benitses, about 20km south of Corfu port, and very near our hotel. Jason, is learning to look at... babes! ;-)

next day it would be Paleokastritsa, and some walking into the old city of Corfu!