So... Marc and Samantha came to Greece, albeit for a very short weekend visiting some friends of theirs.!
I took the chance for a brief ride west of Athens, to Messolonghi, about 250km's and we met on Sunday afternoon.

Don't ask about the local specialties we had, like eels and shrimps and squids etc etc!

From left: Samantha, two of Marc's and Samantha's friends, and Marc.

Of course we had to make them taste the Greek "frappe" coffee. However, Marco, true to his italian style of late, preferred an espresso!

Later on the little boat that connects Antirrio with Rio, about 30km east of Messolonghi, where we met, and about 210km from Athens.

There's a new bridge buing built, that will connect the two ends, hopefully by 2004. This will make the trip from Peloponissos to Aetoloakarnania a one-minute drive, instead of the 10-15min ferry ride that is now.

My ride to Messolonghi was unexpectedly completely dry, despite the worst predictions for foul weather. Actually, only very near Messolonghi, there were a few drops here and there, but nothing to even make the roads wet. On the return trip, the road was also dry all the way, until the last 45 km's. However, as my good luck would have it, the thunderstorm that made the last few clicks wet, had stopped about one hour before i went home!!!