these maps were taken from, which is also the company that produces the real paper maps we used on this trip. If this sounds like an advertisement, well it is not, really, since these seem to be the only ones available!

So here we go!

This one I did alone, on day one. It is about 170km, and includes a lot of twisties, from Schio to Rovereto, through the Passo del Sommo.

Day two. From Trento to Novalesa, a total of almost 420km. This one starts on the left side of Lago di Garda, an extremely scenic route, and then it goes down to the autostrada, all the way to Susa.

Day 3. From Novalesa, we hit the road above the Frejus tunnel, we do the Passo delle Finestre (its dirt, and it wont be found even in detailed Michelin maps!), then to Fenestrelle, Briancon, Col de Vars, Barcelonette, Pra Loup. We stayed at the ski resort of Molanes.

Day 4, part 1. From Pra Loup we go a bit back, then we head to Col de la Bonette, the highest asphalt road in Europe.

Day 4, part 2. From Bonette, we start going down, down, down. In the end is the river Thiennes, and that surprising N202.

Day 5, and 6 were spent in La Palud du Verdon, near the same named Grand Canyon. From here, the way shows west, towards Provence, always following the small roads.

Day 7 and 8 will be spent in Nice. One more big chunk of road. From Lacoste to Aix its small roads. From Aix to close to Ste. Maxime its Autoroute, just one quick boring hour at a steady 120-130! Then, the horrible traffic of Cote d' Azur, made us stay down there for only about 20 km! From St. MAxime to Frejus. The rest was back up on the Autoroute, to Nice!

Day 9. From here it's me alone again. On entering Italy, at Ventimiglia, i will have heavy rain following me all the way to Alessandria. (that was 300 of the 380 km trip!).

Day 10. Last day of my trip, is spent on the Autostrada once again, but an easy 350km only this time.