Disc Brake Reading Lamp

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To read "Moto"magazine not every light is sufficient. We need something that fits, only it's not available ready-made. However, we can make one!

What we will need:
A disc brake, which must be as big a diameter as we can find. A dirtbike handlebar. Aluminum bark-busters. A streetbike gear-change joint. A headlamp. Some wire and a switch.

The whole trick is to manage and make the handlebar sit on the edge of the discbrake so it sits almost vertical, but at an angle, leaning over the disc's centerpoint. The aluminum barkbuster will be bolted to the handlebar and to the disc. We can either bend the bars, or bolt the buster with some incline, not perprendicular to the disc. At the handlebars' other edge, we bolt the gear-change joint (the one with two small ball-joints) and underside it we hang the headlight. The wire (we suggest you use the old-timer looking one with the cloth wrapping) goes through the inside of the bars. We will need a small patent to adapt a 110/220V lamp base inside the headlight.