Snowmobile kit for C50

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If you wish to deliver your pizzas no matter the weather, combining this with endless joy in the 2nd day of a snowfall, make the C50-snowmobile! Find an old enduro frond fender, and tie it upside-down to the underside of the front wheel of the Cub (The wheel will rest in the cavity of the fender, and can be tied to it with a couple of collars or tie-wraps).
So, now we have a front "ski" without even removing the front tire.

As for the rear wheel, find a rope which must be as thick as to allow the rear wheel to rotate without binding around the rear fender. We start tying the rope around a spoke, then we bundle the around the tire and wheel, spiralling around the circumference of the wheel.
So now you have a track for traction.

The patent works best in fresh snow with depth around 20-30cm. Have fun and enjoy falling on your face!