Portable starter-motor-squeezer

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Haven't you found a use for the starter motor of your stuck engine?
Has your arm developed tenontitis from the relentless squeezing of oranges?
We have the solution: The portable starter-motor-squeezer.

We place the starter motor vertically inside an old 4-stroke single cylinder, depending on the cylinder diameter. (If it's a C50, we use an appropriate cylinder, if it's a BMW starter-motor, we use a BMW Cylinder etc. You know how it works!), and we secure with a bolt so that it won't twist inside the cylinder. We lenghthen the starter's axle appropriately, and on its new end we adapt an old plastic lemon squeezer. We secure the squeezer on the starter axle with a bolt. Next we connect an old 12-volt battery to our new system, (come on, we have a stuck engine and a starter motor, what else do we need its battery for?!) add a switch and voila, we are ready to enjoy our freshly made orange-juice.
Remember, this portable starter-motor-squeezer can be easily contained within a tankbag, so we can very easily take it along at our journeys...

Disclaimer: It's not recommended for bikers under the age of 9!