So....... this is what we are getting, as of April 1 or around there...

A brand new Mandarin Yellow BMW R1150GS!

The pics are "stolen" from various sites, as you can see... mostly from official BMW sites all around the world :)

Until i get my own pics, of course!

Okay I scanned this one, just above, from the official R1150GS Brochure! hehe

To add insult to injury, Mr. Paal Otto, from Oslo sent me these nice pics he took with his own GS1150, this summer!

My own first pics :)

Oh.... there is also the funny side for the GS1150!

and a FUNNY pic of me aboard a Yellow R1150GS!

Actually I ended up buying an almost-new, but used '98 R1100GS, but that;s another story altogether...