The drawing!

After I collected all the logos and drawings for the bike, it was time for me to spend a few (rather a lot!) of hours in front of a computer screen editing and printing stuff on plain paper first, before sending them to the printer.

First of all, I "stole" a drawing of the fairing from!

With the help of a good drawing program, I started putting on it all the logos.
I also traced an engine part for both sides! the guides were pics of the original Yamaha R1!

I replicated the front of the fairing...

Lots of trial and error, to see if it fits! All these done on plain paper and in draft mode on the inkjet printer...

Test-fitting the paper drawings on the bike to see the size... All stuck on with small cellotape strips...

When I was happy, I sent the files to my local and VERY friendly printer, which is Stampotage, who also made all my stickers for last year's bikes, and all my t-shirts!
He did a laser cut on each and every sticker, so it was just peel from the sheet and stick to its position!

Stathis of Stampotage was happy to do it at a very reasonable price, too! And he was kind enough to bear with all my crazy ideas, too!

The stickers, fresh from the printing machine! Two copies of them, because I WILL crash the bike and destroy some of them!!!

The finished bike!