These just came in this morning in the mail!
The big one is a J-Collection 1/43 scale Leon TDI. Since it's red and got a sunroof, who cares what motor is in there?! Not me! The small one is a 1/87 Herpa model.

I bought these from in Germany. Cost 56 euros including registered mail.

The 1/43 model is very well detailed indeed, inside and out.

On closer inspection of the smallest member, the 1/87 model, you can see the mirrors MISSING!!!!!!

It's REALLY tiny! and the mirrors were not missing! They were actually in a sprue inside the box!

Just to show the scale difference:
From left: 1/32 Superslot, 1/43 J-Collection, 1/59 (the typical size) Matchbox Golf GTI, 1/87 Herpa.

Next to the same scale Skoda Octavia Combi. The interior can be seen here, too, through the sunroof!

Shelf queens!

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