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We just bought a new 2008 SEAT Leon FR complete with DSG transmission...

Yes, it is red, and it does have a sunroof too!

While running it in we are also staring at a few SEAT Leon scale models!

The paparazzis found me testing the 2008 Leon!!!!!

January 2, 2008: A Seat Leon slot car!
January 3, 2008: The very first pics! January 3, 2008!
January 7, 2008: Our new Leon FR DSG on the road!
January 8, 2008: A couple more scale model Leons!
January 10, 2008: Πρώτες εντυπώσεις!
January 24, 2008: We had a tow bar installed.
January 26, 2008: Testing the trailers. And a few more pics...
January 29, 2008: First snow! First service.
February 16, 2008: Κοτσάροντας και τα 2 trailer. Parking sensors fitted.
February 17, 2008: More Snow!!!!!!
February 24, 2008: Following and photographing a Trailride!
February 29, 2008: Μπαρόμετρο!
April 16, 2008: On the Dyno!
April 25, 2008: Installing a front door outside mirror.
April 25, 2008: A few very interesting documents for the SEAT Leon FR, the DSG, the Tfsi engine etc.
May 5, 2008: A DSG badge!
May 8, 2008: Αn r/c body of a Seat Leon Supercopa.
May 15, 2008: Installing a KN air filter.
November 17, 2008: Installing a footrest pedal.In Greek.
December 18, 2008: Installing a footrest pedal.Same page in English.