Day 3! Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today's ride: Heufeld, north through Zwiesel, Klatovy, Bukov, Melnik, Mlada Boleslav, Detenice.

Just before leaving Dieter's home... So, Dieter asks: "Does anyone want to check their tire pressures?" I said... oh, yes! And I realize that my rear tire is down to 15psi... Hmmm... strange... I filled it up to the recommended 38 and rode on... (to be continued!)

Still in Germany, heading north, to Czechia...

And finally, Czechia! Not that it was any different than Bavaria before the border!!!

We rode without using the Czech Autobahn at all. Just a few km's before Mlada Boleslav we entered the Autobahn, after Peter's advice to fuel the bikes. Then it was a nice ride to Detenice.

In the evening, we had dinner at the Medieval Hotel's vast restaurant, which was decorated in medieval and a bit spooky style... Notice the hang man and the skulls!!!! Brrrrrrr....



Despite the surroundings, our party was determined to have a good time!

And then the meat arrived, in medieval style, I suppose!

Later in the evening Caratz and Sascha tried to hang the Europrez flag. Ops, I thought I had a good picture, but the smoke didn't make it... medieval! Let's give it another try, then:

OK! That's better, then!

Day 4!