Day 5! Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today's ride: Prague!

In the morning all the bike riders left for Peter's route. I, instead, chose to stick with the non-riders and followed them to the tour of Prague, organized by Jana. Notice Jeff fiddling with his million gadgets!

Lovely ladies, ain't they?!




Not all our bikes are BMW's, but who really cares?!!! Not us, for sure!

Nice little dog!!! Even Ophelia wants one like her!




Danny had this GoPro camera mounted on his bike! Let's hope he shot some good action movies!



Uh oh! I told you she liked it!!!!

There was a bicycle race of some kind going on at Detenice, and Zozzo's heart was pounding!!!

Bikes ready to go!

So we drove/rode to Prague, mostly on motorway, a convoy of 3 cars and me, and after we parked at the end of the Metro line, we took the metro to downtown Prague.











This one had a "disabled" sign on the front windshield! An AMG SLS... Disabled? Oh, yes, of course! It's an automatic! Right!

Back to the metro... Steep escalators going down... and so long...

did anyone notice the sign saying "CZ Museum", about 3-4 km's before Detenice?! I did, so I followed the signs and arrived at this. Only it had closed maybe two hours ago... pity...


Evening dinner at the lower floor of the restaurant had also a show going on (in english, for us foreigners!) with girls playing with fire, a man eating and blowing fire out of his mouth, belly dancing, medieval torturing, etc!!!


Then it was Grappa Tree at its best!

Darryl loved it! You can tell by his look!


Two cards were signed by everyone and sent to Ton and Nicola. Guys, we missed you. Really!

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