Day 6! Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's ride: Leaving Detenice. Ride with Dieter, Ingrid, Zozzo, Philippsreut, DE, Aigen/Schlag, Austria, Salzburg, Zell am Zee, Fusch.

After leaving Detenice, Dieter led Ingrid, Zozzo and me towards Passau. Right after we crossed into Germany, we split. they went west towards Bavaria, I turned east towards Austria. I knew there was a radio control motorcycle race going on at Aigen/Schlag, so I headed there. After some 25km's I reached the track, stayed there for two hours, watched some of the qualifying heats, talked with the nice guys, waited for a hailstorm to pass and then I rode my way towards Grossglockner.

There's a short video of the racing, here:

And the pics of the race are here:

Since there are a lot of pics not really related to my trip, I put them at Picasaweb. Clicking on the above link, will open a new window...

So, I found myself in the early afternoon at Zell an Zee. While it was a beautiful area and I happened there right after a rainfall, hence the rainbow, I decided to move a bit closer to the Grossglockner, so I just took the Grossglocknerstrasse and stopped at a nice hotel with a Yamaha XS400 as its sign! I asked how much? 45 euros including breakfast, no credit cards, sorry, so I stayed there for the night.  
The Hollern hotel, with a huge chess board lying on its back yard!


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