I crashed!

One day before Christmas, on my way to work, I crashed! NOT SERIOUSLY, I may tell you from the beginning, but a rather silly crash that could have been avoided, since I was going with less that 15 km/h.
What happened? An old man in a rather bad looking crossed my way, coming from my right. I saw what he was about to do, I started to brake... more (front) brake, a bit more... the bike was at about 15 km/h and suddenly I was under it. Who to blame? Honestly I don't know. The factors are these: That man was coming out of a dead end road, had NO stop sign in front of him, so I OWED to have given him way. I did not touch him at all, nor me, neither the BMW. In fact, the bike did not even move, when on the ground. It fell and stayed right were it fell. The road was dry, there were no oily stains on it, but it was very very glossy! How about my tires?! Well, an hour ago, just after I left home, I had checked the air pressure of both tires. The bike was in the garage for over a week, and the pressures were at around 3/4 of what they should be, on both tires. The front tire, as you can see from the accompanying pic looks like new after about 3,500 kms on it.

And the victims? OK, first me! I lightly bruised my left inner calf, and very slightly burned it under the hot exhaust. I had a very small trouble to walk for two days, then I forgot the whole thing!

And the bike?! Well, it came away pretty well! First, the Ermax screen broke on its left side, the fairing was scratched a bit at the lefthand flasher unit and that's all!

As we say... if it ends well, it's a happy end!!!! :-))