Ermax Screen

On the left you can see my other love!

This pic is from the ETAI service manual
From Ermax's advertisement
I installed an Ermax screen sometime this fall. It's about 30 cm's higher than the normal short dials "cover" of the standard bike. There are good things about it and bad things, too!

First the good ones!

It redirects a significant amout of air from the rider's chest, while at the same time does not seem to affect the bike's performance! I was still able to reach an indicated 180 km/h (around 110 mph), while seated almost comfortably behind it! It is enough clear so you can see through it, in daytime, when you are slightly ducked behind it. I'd not suggest to see through it in night riding, however, since it's a bit smoke and the deflected lights of oncoming traffic are blurring your vision.

And now the bad things!
First it's the value for money. It cost me GRD 30,000, which means around US$ 110. What do I mean? I mean it was not very well contoured to the instrument panel, leaving a gap on the top left point of it. This was tiring, especially at night, when the headlight's beam was mirrored inside the screen!

One basic shortcomning of the big BMW for me in thick traffic, was the fact that I was not able to "guess" where the front wheel was. This was due to my previous experience with dual purpose bikes with a high front fender and seriously shorter wheelbase. This was amplified even more with the Ermax screen, to the point that I felt sometimes that I was riding a 1100 cc Touring bike! The front wheel seemed "miles away" from me!

What was more uncomfortable, though, was the air stream that hit the top of my helmet in quick small waves, which seemed to me, like someone was tapping with his hand on my forehead! After half an hour at speeds ranging from 40-90 km/h I was feeling a little dizzy, and my vision would start to blur. And this is no joke. The remedy was either to sit a bit more relaxed on the long seat, or duck behind the screen, either feeling uncomfortable after a few minutes. The final bad spot of this screen, and the one that... forced me to remove it was its vulnerability! As you can see in another page, I crashed...

What broke? The Ermax screen! For God's sake! So, I'm back to the original instrument cover!!!!!
This is my daughter, Eleonora, on the Beemer, the next day after the crash!!!!