Updated October 10, 2002
My own small list of BMW links on the net. Of course every site in the world has got a list with links, but I'm referring to those that I've found the most interesting ones. Enjoy...

(Small notice: Every link listed here was good at the time of going to... press, that is September 19, 2002. Also note, by clicking on any of the links below, a new window will popup. So, if you're running a popup-killer program, let it proceed. It's not spam.
Alas, I'm not a really talented HTML writer, to bother learn how these damn popups work! It's for convenienece only!)
Links are listed randomly.
Greek BMW Riders Club http://www.bmwriders.gr

http://ibmwr.org The online bible for every BMW

http://www.europrez.com The European Prezzes. Most fun and great people. If this is a consolation, I've met a few in person, and have travelled with them around Europe.

http://www.rbracing-rsr.com/bmwturbos.htm Enhance your BMW with a TURBO! We're talking serious horsepower here. Try 180HP from a 259 boxer?!

http://www.xs4all.nl/~hkuijer/ A dutch R1100GS site. One of the most comprehensive.

http://www.infernosoft.com/timberwoof/motorcycle/R1100GS/index.html A very good GS site.

http://www.figl.com/joe/ Austrian Joe Figl is a great photographer and a traveler of the world. Currently on a R1150GS but he was also on a R1100GS. Of (my) interest are the following articles, besides the whole travel section: At "Good Vibrations", then "memories", then "R1100GS". Also on the first page, "travels" then "Shipping your bike to the USA".

http://www.micapeak.com/bmw/gs/ Another very comprehensive and extensive site on every GS or G/S model BMW. A very interesting Registry too.

Touratech Do we need say more? Got some money to spend? This is money well spent!

HPN Another Great German company that cares for the BMW aftermarket. Of (my) interest is the "Gallery". Check a R1100GS-RR or even better a R1150GS-RR! We're talking racing here. Complete with red heads for the boxer.

Wunderlich Another dream-making BMW equipping company... Ahhh God... why am I not so rich?!

http://www.cbtimports.com/topoftheline.html Very interesting accessories and parts for BMW's.

http://reiseenduro.de/users/carlo/english/motorbike/panniers/index-e.htm Everything you ever wished to know about Aluminum bags for your BMW.

http://www.bike.bmw.com/en/index.html Just the official BMW link.

Also... the World of BMW

http://www.dropbears.com/bikelinks/bmw.htm And I thought that I had a lot of links! The absolute BMW links page!

http://www.bmwridersapparel.com/ american site, and they don't list the helmets. Pretty good otherwise.

BMW screensavers anyone? (Mostly cars, but he's got a lovely BMW cursor).

http://www.powerwheelz.net/bmw/ Even more screensavers, again the idea is mostly cars.

Boxer Design. Pretty and lots of accessories.

Professor Zorat's archaeological findings! Our ancestors RODE MOTORCYCLES, and they were BOXERS (probably BMW's!)!!!!

Differnet uses for your BMW engine!

Funny faces on BMW's

BMW's at Intermot '02.

MotoGear4You.com. BMW K1200LT, K1200RS, K1200GT, R1150RT and R1150GS related accessories.
And a few BMW travel links:
Marc and Samantha's BMW Motorcycle Trip through Europe. We met with Marc, when they visited Greece in September 2002.

http://www.norseaodyssey.com/ Verna Norris and Jim Seavey around the world.

You've read my European Adventure, in 2000. Here's Paul and Kate's version. Very good reading!

Darryll Richman's EP7 pics pages. HUGE, but worth it.

http://www.globetrotters.com Maybe the most famous BMW traveller of them all!

How to prepair your R1100GS for travelling

Nikos Skoutaridis' Yahoo-based photo album. Very interesting and making you want to dream (or... envy, in my case!)

Nikos' even more pics. These are on Pbase.

http://www.andreabrigatti.net/ Andrea's Trips. VERY Exciting Reading.

Some really useful and good reading I found at www.amazon.co.uk

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