It is Saturday, May 6, 2000.
The time is about noon... and we are just entering Naxos island port!
What is yours truly doing there and where I am going?! ;-)
be patient, and u will find out real soon!
This is Naxos port. To the left you can see the remainings of an ancient temple to Apollo.

Next stop was Ikaria island... but on the way there... we had the chance to take some snaps of maybe the world's "bluest" sea!
okay... you want some more deep blue colors?! here we go!
or... how about that greek sun right into your eyes?!

This is Saint Kyrikos, Ikaria island's main port.

next stop for our ship was Fourni, a very picturesque small islands complex.
and finally... we arrive at Karlovasi, the first of the two main ports of Samos island.
This is what Samos island looks like... and the places I've visited are highlited too:

Samos island starts here!