What I do here, I do in my own car and at my own risk only, since it's my own car!

If you decide to do something similar and break / damage / burn / dismantle your car, it is your responsibility!

Clearly, then: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for your losses!


Fixing the right button once again!!!

Because... I changed the Climatic panel, when I retrofitted heated seats, and of course I had to do it all over again!

The AC panel was removed from the car... Out came the five Torx T10 screws from its back plate...

Using a small flat blade screwdriver we easily open the two tabs at the edges of the panel.

We need to pay some attention when removing the interior temp sensor. We first carefully open the two black tabs. then we pull the small PCB out.

The rear panel is removed taking the middle button out as well...
Practically, when we take the two black panels of the climatic apart, the middle button just ejects itself.
Theoretically, we can first remove it, by itself, jsut pulling it strongly out of the front panel...
We need to pay some attention when mounting the middle button to the panel.
It has some detents that will slot exactly only in one place in the respective panel place.

We remove the PCB from the front panel...

So, to the ritical part, then!

Make a good frappe coffee first!

I have first done all my testing in the car.
Let's say that as a guide, I am using the air outlet that directs air on the main dashboard airways. I do my testing having the fan blasting in position 4.

I did this for a very simple reason: Having removed the top tray and having raised the front air ducts so we can remove the radio and AC trim, now we can have a very good view of the top airway flap movement, while we reposition the right button! We can see preisely when this flap is completely open.

When we observe at exactly which "click" of the right button the flap is fully open, we are ready to remove the panel.
I suggest taking a picture of the button's position, so even if it's being moved while removing the plugs and the AC panel from the car, we will have a good view of its correct position.

In my Climatic, the flap is fully open when the button is like this!

Notice the position of the little white gear in the back.

The potentiometer is in this position. WE DO NOT MOVE IT.
We remove the little white geat. (It will snap out of position fairly easily).

We rotate the front button to the correct position... (with the white gear removed!!!)

In case we didn't remove the white gear, it would move to this position. Of course we don't want this.

We snap the white gear in its PREVIOUS position. But this time, the front button shows the correct position!

We can temporarily close the AC panel, connect all three plugs and test the positions, having the blower fan speed at position 4, so we are absolutely sure we have it right.
When we are satisfied, we close the panel correctly, using the five Torx T10 screws, mount it back in the car, close everything back and enjoy our work!

Total time it took me: About half an hour, including pausing to take pics!!!