Welcome to view the pics of the
Greek players meetings!

February 01, 1998: The First 1998 Meeting!

Saturday, Jan 10, 1998! Turquinho has come to meet us!

No more words!!!!
Just see what happened the night of Saturday, December 20, 1997, at the Greek Netgammon meeting!
Our Guest, the Sysop of Netgammon, honoured us with his presence!

This is where the Greek GLENTI started!
Some pics Dedicated to someone!

SteliosH's pics are here!

The Brazilian Meeting of April 17, 1998!

The Greek NG Meeting of May 16th, 1998

Elafokinigos' pics taken with his digital camera.

The baddest Tourney's in town!

June 9, 1998... Sweets is HERE!

June 26th Meeting!

Sweets and Horsenail Wedding!!! January 3, 1999

SteliosH Invades America!!!!

Stelios invades CANADA!!!!!

The Latest Meeting.. March 27, 1999

The previous Greek Netgammon meetings are in DT's and theHobbit's pages or in their mirror site