A BMW F650...

What's new?!
No! It's no me, here, but actually a photo scanned from Fast Bike magazine! Does it do this kind of stuff? Yes! It does (I tried it! :-))) )

Today, Friday, March 14, 1997, I bought a used red BMW F650. It's a July 1994 model with only 14.700 kms on it! The bike is in absolutely mint condition.

It has a few extras, too: A Nonfango 46lt topcase, protective bars around the engine and fairing, a Spyball alarm and immobiliser and a set of halogen foglights.

The mechanicals are also in excellent condition... The engine sounds as healthy as ever (we shall see to this...) and pulls cleanly to the redline and beyond! (Ask that XR600R owner, who wanted a... hmmm... race...!!! :-)))) )

On the road it does not feel that heavy... Remember it's 189kgs fully laden, not counting the bars and the topcase... The seat height is perfect for me (1.80 m, height) and it's really comfortable... I spent over three hours in fast and slow city traffic and never felt the weight. I did feel this weight , however, at home, when it was time to "squeeze" it through the same small garage door opening, through which I was inserting the slimmer Yamaha DT200R, till last month!

Back on the road, a few remarks...

At last! The very first pic of my bike!
(Click on it to view an 800X600 image!)
Direct comparison with the almost-half-it's-weight DT200R are inevitable, in the thich city traffic! The weight, as I said before is no concern, really. I must confess, though, that it does not have that Motocross (high seat, low handlebars) feel of the DT200R, or that bicycle feel of lightness... However, it feels so well weighted, and has a low center of gravity, that you really don't feel you have 200kgs under your feet! Also, the BMW handlebar is as wider than the DT's as it's needed to be... annoying in thick traffic! The reason? There are those small weights at either end of the handlebar, to counter the engine's vibes! Oh, those vibes... You can feel those at any speed, especially when accelerating hard in 2nd or 3rd, with 2000-2500 rpm till 4500-5000 rpm! It's fantastic! And all that single cylinder torque.... Ahhh... Fantastic!
I love this torque! I have not felt it since those glorious XL600R days...

The bike has its OEM Dunlop Trailmax tires, which are water-afraid! I happened to pass over some damp patches and the whole bike felt completely unhappy! I'm probably due for new tires ASAP! Choices? Metz, Pirellis or Michelins... We'll have to make some decisions here...

Sunday morning is small trip time, to see what she'll do on the highway...

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