Me and my bikes!

My biking career started in 1980!

My first bike was a 1979 Suzuki ER50, also known as the XK50ER, in some other markets.

This lasted until 1981, only, when my first lifesize motorcycle came into my life. This was the then famous Kawasaki KL250.

In 1985, it was duly replaced by a BIG thumper: A 1984 Honda XL600R.
April 5, 2002:And a few new scans of the old dog!

Then, in 1989, a new Yamaha DT200R came into my life...

On Friday, March 14, 1997, I bought a BMW F650!

On June 19, 2001 I bought a used '98 BMW R 1100 GS

August 8, 2001: A KTM 200 EXC was added to our home! Brand new, this one!

Jan. 09, 1998: How bout some Bimmer jokes?!
Jan. 09, 1998: What's new of my Beemer? I installed an Ermax fairing screen and I crashed! :-))
See some pics of my Beemer!
Easter Weekend 2000! When you need a helper to wash your BMW... where do you find one?!
Easter Weekend 2000! Getting prepared for the Summer 2000 trip preparation!
The Summer 2000 Ride Report starts HERE!!!!! (updated August 09, 2000)!
May 20, 2000... I was... forced to let them both wash it! haha! (thank God it won't rust!)
Seen the new 1150 GS?!
A BRIEF Test ride: GS1150 :)
Some funny notes on the GS1100
Some more KTM 200 Pics, on August 27, 2001!
Some Notes on the KTM 200 EXC!. Updates: September 27, 2001, October 29, 2001, March 9, 2002, March 27, 2002
Some food for thought for the coming cold winter nights! A LIQUID cooled boxer from BMW themselves! Take a look! Update October 29, 2001.
Also new on the KTM front: We added an EXC orange seat cover and a sidestand! Read the details! Also, October 29, 2001.
September 16, 2001: Pics from the last Supermoto Race, in Kiourka Kartodromo!
November 18, 2001: The Final round of the European Supermoto Cup!
January 3, 2002: A new trailer we got... for those Enduros where we have to drive far away!
January 13, 2002: An Enduro ride with friends!
January 20, 2002: The First 2002 Meeting of the Greek BMW Riders Club!
February 24, 2002: A Sunday afternoon trail ride!
March 2, 2002: Kart! my new craze!
March 5, 2002: We added a Panoram trip computer.
March 23-25, 2002: A fabulous TrailRide, at Meteora.
March 31, 2002: 0-300/Symofe TrailRide, Psahna, Chalkis.
April 7, 2002: A rocky 4 hour trailride on Penteli mountain!
April 10, 2002: A '93 Yamaha DT200R joins the family!
April 13, 2002: Enduro Lessons by 0-300 magazine and Hellinmoto (the Greek KTM importers).
May 12, 2002: 0-300 TrailRide to Porto Germeno... and updated May 28, 2002, with Ayrton's pics!
May 22, 2002: Andrea's New Suzuki DRZ 400 S!
June 11, 2002: Ολα τα μωρά στο ΖΥΓΙ!!!!!
June 30, 2002: Trail ride. I didn't race, all the others did!
August 29, 2002: Our new Europrez t-shirts!
September 17, 2002 (and updated Sept. 18): A Sigma Targa speedometer to test BMW's accuracy!
Dec. 22, 2002: SAKELAND Race.
Jan. 04, 2003: Searching for heated grips made easy!
Jan 16, 2003: 10 ways to make you a better biker...
Feb. 9, 2003: BMW Riders' club of Greece. Η κοπή της πίτας.
Feb. 16, 2003: 0-300 Trailride!
March 01, 2003: 0-300 Trailride!
March 09, 2003: A new Karcher 550 Cleaner.
2000 Athens International Motorcycle Show
2001 Athens International Motorcycle Show
March 13, 2003: The 8th Athens International Motorcycle Show
March 28, 2003: First dyno run of the BMW and trying to find a little power!
April 15, 2003: Second dynorun and the results of the mods.
April 21, 2003: 0-300 and Suzuki Trailride!
April 22, 2003: Update on the Yamaha DT200R we have acquired!
April 26, 2003: Sascha Leitz's NAKED K1200LT! No, he's not building a streetfighter out of it!!!!
May 11, 2003: HORAFA Scramble!
June 1, 2003: Varibobi TrailRide by 0-300 and Suzuki!
June 22, 2003: Sascha's exhaust makes a lot of noise!
June 28, 2003: 2003: Leaving for EP8! (Dont flood my email till July 10, PLEASE!!!!)
July 10, 2003: Our adventure to EP8! read all about it!
September 28, 2003: Update on the GS
February 8, 2004: Η κοπή της Πίτας του bBMW Club, 2004!
March 14, 2004: 2004 Athens International Motorcycle Show!
January 31, 2005:0300 Trail ride! We rode the KTM... AND the Jimny!
May 5, 2005: We got a new Garmin GPS 2610
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The 1999 International Motorcycle Show of Athens!

April 1, 2001! The 2001 International Motorcycle Show of Athens!

Recently, I became a member of the I.BMW.R (The Internet BMW riders)

... and the Greek BMW Riders Club
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